5 reasons, why every Indian traveller should visit Tunisia

Do you know, where Tunisia really is? It’s neither close to Indonesia nor Malaysia. The reason, why I am telling this, is because whenever I mentioned about my trip to Tunisia to some of my friends and family members they all looked very confused and were like is this another name for Indonesia/Malaysia. Even the guy sitting at Immigration counter, New Delhi International airport made some … Continue reading 5 reasons, why every Indian traveller should visit Tunisia


Discovering the Beauties of Southern Brazil

Many foreigners go to Brazil and visit Sao Paulo, Rio, and beach cities in the Northeast, like Salvador and Fortaleza, or maybe the Amazon. However, the Southern part of the country is beautiful, with plenty of nice places to visit. Here is our small guide about it: WHAT TO EXPECT: Southern Brazil is full of immigrants, who started arriving in the country in the late … Continue reading Discovering the Beauties of Southern Brazil

A day trip to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

A day trip to​ Ethiopia

Before I tell you how just a single day trip to Ethiopia, Africa, changed my perspective on this vast continent, I would like to tell you how this trip happened. In October 2017, I was going to São Paulo, Brazil via Addis Ababa. It was the first long flight that I took alone. The reason why I took Ethiopian airlines over Emirates, Qatar Airways and … Continue reading A day trip to​ Ethiopia

Indian Food

Understanding Indian Food Names

For anyone traveling to India for the first time, choosing what to eat can be quite a puzzling experience. Indian food names are quite uncommon for an outsider, not to mention the fact you have heard thousand times about the spiciness, or that you should only eat at “clean” and “reliable” places. Once you finally choose a restaurant, you start reading the menu and find … Continue reading Understanding Indian Food Names