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Who doesn’t love summers? In western countries where usually summer is the time when people love to hang out during the day time and go for holidays in summer as everything becomes more merrier and fun.

But When it comes to India or Indian summer. You need to be very well prepared before you decide to do a trip in India. In this blog we will share 7 Things You Must Carry On Indian Summer Trip.

It’s getting hot already !

1. Cotton Clothes

Indian summers can be really really hot. Sun during the day can be compared to a heat ball throwing fire on you, so you really need to keep yourself covered with right type of clothes. As heat makes us sweat more, nothing can be better than easy going cotton clothes. Be it loose pyjamas, t-shirts, or cotton dresses. Please make sure it covers most of your body parts as it will protect you from direct sun as well. Also chose light color or white clothes as dark colors get heated faster.

Wear cotton tshirts and shorts.| 7 Key Things You Must Carry On Your Indian Summer Trip
Cotton T-shirts and shorts for summer trip.

Leticia and I always wear cotton in India, as it keeps us very relaxed and makes it easier to travel during the day time.

2. Water Bottles

Wateerrrrrrr! Yes this is exactly you would be asking for when you are almost falling because of the heat during the summer. To avoid it we advise you to always carry water every single time you step out during summers in India. During travelling, water should be as important as breathing, else there is a chance for you to get dehydrated.

We would not recommend you to buy packaged drinking water as we want you to keep your trip as sustainable as possible. We will recommend you to carry some stainless steel water bottles or Lifestraw bottles.

Life Straw bottles comes with carbon filter which acts like a normal water filter on the go and allows you to drink water from almost any source.

3. Sunglasses with UV protection

The Ultra -Violet radiations hits you the hardest in the summer season and they can be extra ruthless to your eyes especially if you are not used to too much sun. Also sunglasses could be good to keep your eyes covered from dust and pollution. Be sure your sunglasses are UV protected and matches your style of clothes also.

Sunglasses and Hat for summers|7 Key Things You Must Carry On Your Indian Summer Trip
Wear Sunglasses to touristic sites in summers.|7 Things You Must Carry On Indian Summer Trip

4. Sunscreens And Wet Wipes

Yes! You need them, a plenty of them. Sunscreens for your face and your body is a must on your Indian Summer trip. Make sure they sunscreens you choose they are of the best quality or else you will end up hurting your skin and get sunburnt during the day time.

Wet wipes for keeping you fresh during heat waves|7 Key Things You Must Carry On Your Indian Summer Trip

Keeping wet wipes will help you to keep your face from sweat and stickiness caused by it. Wet wipes also help you to keep your face hydrated and fresh.

5. Energy Bars or Glucose

Sometimes Sun can be really strong and because you are traveling, you need to keep your energy levels high. It’s very common to fall while walking in the sun or getting cramps in your legs. So in order to avoid it, you must carry energy bars to keep up with your energy levels in a tiring and hot day.

If you are under sun for too long, just drinking water won’t be enough, so keep having glucose within small breaks so that your body does not loose too many vital body salts.

Energy bars | 7 Key Things You Must Carry On Your Indian Summer Trip
Energy bars |7 Things You Must Carry On Indian Summer Trip

6. Hand Sanitizers

While traveling in India, hand sanitisers are very important part of your day to day routine. Because you are going to sweat a lot and you will move from one place to the other, you must carry a small bottle of hand sanitiser so you can use before having food .

Always carry sanitisers with you |7 Things You Must Carry On Indian Summer Trip

7. Keep Light Snacks On Hand

Leticia and I always carry some snacks when we go out for traveling during the day. It’s very helpful specially during the day, when we are running out of energy or we start feeling hungry and we are still far from the restaurant, we eat these light snacks in order to kill our hunger. Also it’s important you carry some dry snacks like some cookies or some chips .

Indian Snacks| 7 Key Things You Must Carry On Your Indian Summer Trip
Indian Snacks

There are several Indian snacks like namkeens, potato chips, banana chips that you can carry with you.

So if you are planning to visit India in summer, please make sure you do carry these 7 things for sure with you. Do let us know if you find this article helpful and if you have suggestions to make. To prepare more about India, you must check out our complete guide to India .

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