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In today’s world, being sustainable is one of the most important thing. Globally there are so many crisis which are happening. Because as humans we are putting too much pressure on our nature & resources available to us.
If you love to travel, there is a good and a bad news. According to the David Suzuki Foundation, the aviation industry “accounts for four to nine percent of the total climate change impact of human activity”. Additionally, aircrafts contribute approximately 2 percent of the world’s greenhouse emissions. Well this was the bad news about travelling. Now the good news is, You can save money and environment both being a sustainable tourist.

In this article we will share 6 tips how to save money being a sustainable tourist. Are you excited? Well you better be, ’cause you are gonna learn some of the best tips which are very practical and doable. Before we start, we want you to question yourself, what is more important to you, being sustainable or to save money on trip? Or both. 😉


Whenever you are planning your trip, it’s important you focus upon the duration of the trip and how you are visiting the place. Flights are expensive and puts a lot of pressure on environment, so avoid taking flights as much as you can ,especially if you can reach those places by other means. ( yes it might make you trip longer but, YOU ARE SAVING MONEY AND THE ENVIRONMENT).
Other way is, to travel light. Just carry absolute essentials and things which you can reuse. This will help you to not only save money on buying new things but also on your flight luggage limits.
And yes, instead of buying new guide books, just find a e-copy or go for second hand guides to help the environment by reusing paper and reducing waste.

Pack only essentials for the trip  |6 Tips How To Save Money Being A Sustainable Tourist
Pack only essentials for the trip


When you arrive your destination and you want to go for sightseeing, try using public transportation likes buses, metros or shared cabs. This helps you to reduce your carbon footprint by not taking private cabs or self drive cars. Also saves you a lot of money during the trip itself.
Whenever you are making your day’s itinerary, try to cover those places which are on the same route and on walking distance or so. This way you can just do the sightseeing by walking or using bicycles. Exercise, Money saving, sightseeing done like a boss.

Use Bicycles, walking during sight seeing | 6 Tips How To Save Money Being A Sustainable Tourist
Peeyush Bicycling during our Uruguay trip


This is something we both are doing religiously from a long time now. Whenever you are in foreign land, the best way you can support the locals are by supporting their local crafts and products. And, if you could buy directly from these artisans or from small shops you can save money and support their livelihood.
Just to add on to this, the fact that they haven’t traveled far means their carbon footprint is low too.
We also have a fashion brand which makes fashion products which are made by local artisans from India and uses sustainable fabrics. The name of the brand is Happee

Handmade Block Print blouse |
Leticia wearing artisanal handmade block print blouse from Happee Brand.


Yes! This not only makes your traveling economical by reducing your expenses upto 50-60% but would help you to know the local culture more closely. Staying in home stays you can enjoy local cuisine and you don’t have to pay a lot unlike eating outside. This helps you to reduce generating more waste and helps you to enable local people become more sustainable.

Many hostels offer private rooms which are much cheaper compared to the hotels and many hostels are now consciously sustainable which helps the cause even more. Avoid using toiletries from the hostels, instead carry your own.


In India, a packaged drinking water bottle cost around 20 INR or $0.30. So let’s say you drink 4 litres of water in a day for 7 days of trip.
How many plastic bottle waster you generated = 28 bottles
Money you spent on water = $ 9
Now imagine if you are traveling in group of 3-4 people. This number becomes just increases upto 112 bottles or $36. Remember this I am talking for India where usually things are much cheaper.
The whole point is you can save our planet by reducing single use plastic bottles and also save extra bucks during your trip by carrying a water tumblr or LifeStraw Bottles.

Using reusable water bottles| 6 Tips How To Save Money Being A Sustainable Tourist
Me with a Lifestraw bottle in Manali


Yes! You heard it right. This is by far one of the best tips for saving money and being sustainable at the same time. Check online and figure out, what are the peak times for the city, country you are planning to visit. Do not visit those places in their peak time, instead check some off-beat places. It will be cheaper for you to visit them and you would enjoy them with much less tourists. And that means less resources will be harmed or used, hence making it more sustainable.

If you find this article worthy enough to be shared with your fellow travellers and make them more aware about sustainability and travel. Do pin the image below.

In this blog you will learn 6 cool tips on How To Save Money Being A Sustainable Tourist.
How To Save Money as a Sustainable Tourist
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