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Brides have mesmerized the world throughout centuries, across countries and religions. The jewelry, the clothing, the magic in the air. Growing up in Brazil, I’ve never imagined how beautiful and diverse wedding dresses around the world could be, going far beyond the traditional white dress.

I’m already passionate about ethnic clothes from different countries, but recently, checking wedding dresses from around the world has become nearly an obsession. Therefore, I’ve decided to share it with you!

South Korea

The traditional South Korean dress is called hanbok. The literal translation of hanbok means “Korean clothing”, even though the word today refers to the type of clothing worn during the Joseon dynasty. Although we’ve seen many websites mention hanbok as the Korean wedding dress, we learned that there is a distinction between hanbok and hwarot.

The hanbok is the traditional Korean clothes worn in special occasions. It consists of the jeogori (a shirt or jacket) paired with a chima dress, which is a long wrap-around skirt. Bright colors are worn by children and young people, whereas pastel shades are the colors for middle-aged men and women.

Hwarot, the Korean wedding dress, also from the Joseon dynasty. It is an embroidered long robe with elaborate embroidery and long, wide sleeves to cover the bride’s hands. It’s typically red on the outside, and blue inside, to symbolize the yin and yang of the relationship between husband and wife. Due to its cost, the hwarot is usually passed onto generations.


Of course, a post about wedding outfits wouldn’t be complete without mentioning Indian brides. Everyone who travels to India has a dream of attending an Indian wedding, and with good reason! Not only the celebration can last up to a week, but the clothes, food, decor and traditions make it an unforgettable experience!

Traditional Indian clothes vary according to the region of the country. In South India, for instance, the traditional saree is the norm, matched with beautiful fresh jasmine flowers on the hair and heavy gold jewelry, such as long necklaces.

In North India, on the other hand, brides traditionally wear a bridal lehenga, a 3 piece outfit made of a very flare skirt called lehenga, a cropped top called choli, and a matching dupatta scarf.


Another culture that is incredibly diverse is Nigerian. Different states carry their own culture and traditions, and of course, this reflects on wedding clothes. In Nigeria, there are several functions in weddings, each one requiring a different type of dress.

Bella Jaila is an incredible website that features real Nigerian weddings. Most of the photos of Nigerian wedding dresses featured here are from this website. We encourage everyone to check them out for more inspirations on incredible Nigerian weddings.

It’s common for Nigerian brides to wear the geles on their heads, a scarf or fabric folded into an ornate shape.


The traditional Moroccan weddings also used to last up to 7 days, with parties being held at the bride and groom’s houses before the big day. Nowadays, they typically lasts for 3 days, and the henna tattoos also play a big part of the Moroccan tradition, just like in India. The bride and groom change clothes several times on the main day of the wedding.

One of the bride’s dresses is the takchita. It is the Moroccan type of kaftan, traditionally worn in weddings. The takchita is composed of two pieces. The first layer, called “Tahtia”, is a not decorated dress. The second layer, with buttons in the front is called Dfina, often embroidered with beads or sequins.

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