16 Mouth Watering Traditional Brazilian Food

Brazil is a vast land known for tropical beaches, football (not soccer, sorry guys!) and Carnaval. As a Brazilian writing this, I can say the country is much more than that, but today’s post is about a lesser-known aspect of the country’s culture: Traditional Brazilian Food. As a country made by immigrants, Brazilian food has an influence from these cultures, as well as local animals … Continue reading 16 Mouth Watering Traditional Brazilian Food

Indian Food

Understanding Indian Food Names

For anyone traveling to India for the first time, choosing what to eat can be quite a puzzling experience. Indian food names are quite uncommon for an outsider, not to mention the fact you have heard thousand times about the spiciness, or that you should only eat at “clean” and “reliable” places. Once you finally choose a restaurant, you start reading the menu and find … Continue reading Understanding Indian Food Names