Leticia the Golden Temple, in Amritsar, India. Credit: Happee Travelers

Why India is a place that will change your life

For long, India has had the fame of being a place that changes your life and moves you deeply. Famous personalities like Steve Jobs and The Beatles had such strong experiences in India, that not only it changed them as people, as it set a new course for their careers altogether. Before I traveled to India for the first time, I talked to several people … Continue reading Why India is a place that will change your life

A day trip to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

A day trip to​ Ethiopia

Before I tell you how just a single day trip to Ethiopia, Africa, changed my perspective on this vast continent, I would like to tell you how this trip happened. In October 2017, I was going to São Paulo, Brazil via Addis Ababa. It was the first long flight that I took alone. The reason why I took Ethiopian airlines over Emirates, Qatar Airways and … Continue reading A day trip to​ Ethiopia