the view of the houseboats at the Dal Lake, in Srinagar.

7 Places You Must Visit at the Indian Himalayas

India can be quite a hot country most of the year. But what many people don’t know is that a big portion of the Himalayan mountain range is located inside India, which means that, at the North of the country, not only it’s cold in the winter, as there is plenty of snowy mountains and even ski stations! The infrastructure overall can be less developed … Continue reading 7 Places You Must Visit at the Indian Himalayas

Indian Food

Understanding Indian Food Names

For anyone traveling to India for the first time, choosing what to eat can be quite a puzzling experience. Indian food names are quite uncommon for an outsider, not to mention the fact you have heard thousand times about the spiciness, or that you should only eat at “clean” and “reliable” places. Once you finally choose a restaurant, you start reading the menu and find … Continue reading Understanding Indian Food Names